Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once In A Lifetime...

For those of you, who don't live in NSW, Australia, this is what you missed out on yesterday.
Its what we awoke to, red dust storm that came all the way from the other side of Oz, & is still travelling about the country.

I have never seen anything like this in my 36 yrs of living & hoping never too again.
The very bright skies of orange glow amazed us all.
I gather we won't see anything like this again for many years to come.

The above picture was taken from the waterfront. Normally it is very clear & bright blue, with gorgeous mountains in the backdrop.
We had strong winds & the air wasn't good to breathe in.

I would also like to send all my love & hugs to my Jo from Home Sweet Home, who sadly lost one of her horses yesterday. His name was Shannon & my baby girl is also saddened, as she loved visiting him regularly.
PS: I will be starting my show & tells next week of my favourite things in my keep posted!!!


Jo Jo said...

The red glow looks almost like a fire on your doorstep! No water views for you yesterday I'm guessing! Thanks for the love for Shannon. xoxoxox

Dawn said...

Oh Yak... hope not too much came inside!
Hugs Dawn x

Helz said...

&&& they say there is more on the way... might hang off on washing my car a while longer.

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