Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let the Introductions begin...

** Welcome Welcome Welcome **
I thought it was time to stop browsing thru everyone else's blogs & begin to join in! So now Im here, all fresh & new, with patience the virtue while I get familiar.
Beachside Dreams will be full of everything I like, love & dream about. Mostly things shabby beachside, as I love to decorate my home, change it frequently & drive my hubby crazy with it always :) I firstly was introduced by my wonderfully talented cousin Jo, but unlike her, I have no idea to sewing or quilting, you can visit her blog here: http://jojoshomesweethome.blogspot.com/
I love to decorate in my favourite colours of whites, neutrals & soft ocean colours. I also love soy candles & melts... My house is mostly filled with beachy items, except for my 9 yr old daughters bedroom, which is filled with all things High School Musical (eekks). Ive long wanted a shabby chic style room for her, but thats a fight she wont let me win haha!
Im addicted to bargain hunting on Ebay, and most recently, garage sales. So I will happily post my great buys too. I love being inspired by people's creative thoughts & idea's. Lucky for some, they are naturally talented in that area, me...well I try :)
Mostly, I love living & spending time by the water (pic shown above) with my hubby & 2 girls. I guess Im lucky to have a great hubby who just goes with MY flow of things.
Thats all from me for tonight, now it's time to flutter around & get familiar with it all.
Thanks for stopping by!


Jo Jo said...

Shazz...you have bitten by the blogging bug haven't you??? So glad you have joined this amazing little (not really little) community...you will love it and love the awesome and inspirational people you will find. Love me xox

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi there...from one beach to another...came here by way of JoJo...welcome to Blogland...I'm sure you will meet lots of lovely people here..Enjoy, Dzintra Ingrid♥x

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