Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Very 1st Show & Tell.

The sun is out shining & I am taking full advantage of it...that & the fact I am STILL cleaning up from the dust's awful.
So I thought while I have chance, I shall post my first show & tell for you all.
MY BALCONY...filled with everything to relax & entertain, as this is what we love to do on the weekends when the weather is great.
Nothing quite beats laying on my hammock with a drink, listening to the sounds of the birds chirping away.

And below is some of my favourite items that I have. I love nothing more than browsing Ebay or our cheap shops for something I can use or decorate.

Shells float all around my home, hand collected from various beaches we visit.
Our biggest bargain from this post would have to be our BBQ. We use it regularly, most weekends with music, an alcoholic beverage in hand & the smell of a roast on the rotisserie.
The cubed stand is my next project to attack...a nice coat of fresh paint should do the trick...but like I said, thats another post!

I've been longing for some adult talk of late, with the hubby away since Monday fighting some bad fires about 3 hrs away from our house. Looks like he wont return till Friday & thats when we plan for 4 days away to visit family...I am excited to have some days off work too :)
My girls have been awesome though, as Im not home at nights (yes, yukky night shift), its nice to come home with a note & the cleaning all done. So I am very lucky to have 2 gorgeously wrapped girls..well most days..other days, I could easily have them adopted out haha.

Hope your week is being nice to you all


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