Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Very 1st Show & Tell.

The sun is out shining & I am taking full advantage of it...that & the fact I am STILL cleaning up from the dust's awful.
So I thought while I have chance, I shall post my first show & tell for you all.
MY BALCONY...filled with everything to relax & entertain, as this is what we love to do on the weekends when the weather is great.
Nothing quite beats laying on my hammock with a drink, listening to the sounds of the birds chirping away.

And below is some of my favourite items that I have. I love nothing more than browsing Ebay or our cheap shops for something I can use or decorate.

Shells float all around my home, hand collected from various beaches we visit.
Our biggest bargain from this post would have to be our BBQ. We use it regularly, most weekends with music, an alcoholic beverage in hand & the smell of a roast on the rotisserie.
The cubed stand is my next project to attack...a nice coat of fresh paint should do the trick...but like I said, thats another post!

I've been longing for some adult talk of late, with the hubby away since Monday fighting some bad fires about 3 hrs away from our house. Looks like he wont return till Friday & thats when we plan for 4 days away to visit family...I am excited to have some days off work too :)
My girls have been awesome though, as Im not home at nights (yes, yukky night shift), its nice to come home with a note & the cleaning all done. So I am very lucky to have 2 gorgeously wrapped girls..well most days..other days, I could easily have them adopted out haha.

Hope your week is being nice to you all


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday Cooking.

I love spending my Sundays after a hard week at work, doing enjoyable things to make me in a relaxed mood. Today was spent satisfying my girls & hubby, with some requests of their favourites.
Talissa, my 17yr old teen, wanted to rekindle her younger years with butterfly cakes. I haven't made them in such a long time.

I think they turned out pretty well :)
I should also point out, I am in no way a talented cook, I opt for easy, yummy food only!

Next on the request board, was from my little angel, Logan. She is 9 years old & her favourite dessert is a simply made Toblerone Mousse.
It simply consists of thickened cream, toblerone bar & thats it!!!
Always a hit when I make it, you can always add a few marshmallows or some chocolate sticks for that added bit.

It melts in your mouth with the chunky nougat nutty bits. Amazing what you can pick up from a Tupperware demonstration.

I've also got some meat marinating right now, with some yummy potato chunks to go with it for dinner!
I love my rest day but today has been spoilt with gale force winds with the chilly bit in it.
Hopefully it goes away soon, so I can clean up all the red dust that left NSW smothered in it.

Wish you all a gorgeous week ahead, remember to get some ME time...I plan too.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once In A Lifetime...

For those of you, who don't live in NSW, Australia, this is what you missed out on yesterday.
Its what we awoke to, red dust storm that came all the way from the other side of Oz, & is still travelling about the country.

I have never seen anything like this in my 36 yrs of living & hoping never too again.
The very bright skies of orange glow amazed us all.
I gather we won't see anything like this again for many years to come.

The above picture was taken from the waterfront. Normally it is very clear & bright blue, with gorgeous mountains in the backdrop.
We had strong winds & the air wasn't good to breathe in.

I would also like to send all my love & hugs to my Jo from Home Sweet Home, who sadly lost one of her horses yesterday. His name was Shannon & my baby girl is also saddened, as she loved visiting him regularly.
PS: I will be starting my show & tells next week of my favourite things in my keep posted!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Proud As Punch!

I cannot resist to do a show & tell with you all.
My hubby is a volunteer with the Rural Fire Service & has been for about 2 & a half years now.
In 2007, we had very bad storms & floods around our area, where people lost there lives & alot of animals were lost.
His efforts were rewarded by the Australian Government with this medallion below, but they have had them on show, so finally...we have it!!!

Yes, Im proud of him & his colleagues, they all do a wonderful job, a job that is often faced with things that scare the daylights out of me!
Well done Jay xx

Onto other things...I haven't been on here as much as I anticipated but hoping to do so next week.
Its been a mixture of emotions this week...much laughter, many frowns, plenty of sighs & loads of great lengthy chats.
I am slowly learning my way around here, but really need to find some friends (I dont like being all alone & looking desperate haha).

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend & lets hope the sun is shining.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Favourite Reflecting Spot...

This is a great little spot that I love to spend time at, I love to listen to the sounds
of the waves crashing, laze about the sand or walk the rockcliffs.
Its called Avoca Beach.
Yesterday, we had gorgeous weather in the early 30's, which is very unusual for Spring.
So I thought to take my little girl down there for a quick visit.
Below, is a unique picture I took of her footprints, something that will be treasured
in my album for many years to come.

After the visit, I was left wandering about sea-shells though.
Where have they all disappeared too??
When I was a child, we would find & collect them all the time, but its very hard to
do that now with my kids, as there isnt any to be found.
Was it our generation that is to blame? Surely not lol.

I've got a million things to get done & ready, as tonight we are going to watch Logan
& her school for their performance night...time to charge the camera & video camera.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let the Introductions begin...

** Welcome Welcome Welcome **
I thought it was time to stop browsing thru everyone else's blogs & begin to join in! So now Im here, all fresh & new, with patience the virtue while I get familiar.
Beachside Dreams will be full of everything I like, love & dream about. Mostly things shabby beachside, as I love to decorate my home, change it frequently & drive my hubby crazy with it always :) I firstly was introduced by my wonderfully talented cousin Jo, but unlike her, I have no idea to sewing or quilting, you can visit her blog here:
I love to decorate in my favourite colours of whites, neutrals & soft ocean colours. I also love soy candles & melts... My house is mostly filled with beachy items, except for my 9 yr old daughters bedroom, which is filled with all things High School Musical (eekks). Ive long wanted a shabby chic style room for her, but thats a fight she wont let me win haha!
Im addicted to bargain hunting on Ebay, and most recently, garage sales. So I will happily post my great buys too. I love being inspired by people's creative thoughts & idea's. Lucky for some, they are naturally talented in that area, me...well I try :)
Mostly, I love living & spending time by the water (pic shown above) with my hubby & 2 girls. I guess Im lucky to have a great hubby who just goes with MY flow of things.
Thats all from me for tonight, now it's time to flutter around & get familiar with it all.
Thanks for stopping by!
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