Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday Cooking.

I love spending my Sundays after a hard week at work, doing enjoyable things to make me in a relaxed mood. Today was spent satisfying my girls & hubby, with some requests of their favourites.
Talissa, my 17yr old teen, wanted to rekindle her younger years with butterfly cakes. I haven't made them in such a long time.

I think they turned out pretty well :)
I should also point out, I am in no way a talented cook, I opt for easy, yummy food only!

Next on the request board, was from my little angel, Logan. She is 9 years old & her favourite dessert is a simply made Toblerone Mousse.
It simply consists of thickened cream, toblerone bar & thats it!!!
Always a hit when I make it, you can always add a few marshmallows or some chocolate sticks for that added bit.

It melts in your mouth with the chunky nougat nutty bits. Amazing what you can pick up from a Tupperware demonstration.

I've also got some meat marinating right now, with some yummy potato chunks to go with it for dinner!
I love my rest day but today has been spoilt with gale force winds with the chilly bit in it.
Hopefully it goes away soon, so I can clean up all the red dust that left NSW smothered in it.

Wish you all a gorgeous week ahead, remember to get some ME time...I plan too.

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